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Safeguard Against Bedbugs

December 27, 2012

We offer a number of bedbug fighting products. Together, they form a comprehensive system that will ensure that you can sleep tight without fear of bedbugs biting. The first part of the system is our bedbug monitor, an incredibly simple and incredibly effective device. One of the problems with bedbugs is that they’re very small and hard to see. So you might not know you have a bedbug problem until it’s too late and that problem has grown into an infestation. The bedbug monitor is meant to prevent against that. It’s made of cardboard covered in a glue film. Bedbugs are attracted to cardboard so they make their way to the monitor, and get stuck. Once they’re stuck they’re much more easily visible, alerting you to the presence of bed bugs.

The monitors are great for a variety of situations. You can use them around your house or your apartment. You can also throw a few in your bag or suitcase if you’re traveling, or even keep one in your pocket if you travel light. You can set them up in your hotel room, go out for the day or night, and when you come back you’ll know if there’s a problem before you unpack or lay down to sleep. Keeping one in your suitcase or bag will allow you to make sure you never carry any bedbugs with you from one location to another.

If you do have a bedbug problem, we have a number of products to help you alleviate it. We offer traditional sprays, as well as all natural products made from plants and plant oils. The sprays act as the second and third parts of the bedbug fighting system. They start by killing off the bedbugs that have made your home or hotel room their own. Then, they act as repellant, keeping bedbugs away for the next couple of weeks. And a quick “maintenance spray” from time to time will ensure that they never return.

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