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Keep the Cleaning Going – Spring Cleaning All Year Round

May 1, 2013

As we enter into May, a lot of people are finished with their big “Spring Cleaning” push. If your experience was anything like ours, it wasn’t fun. Spring Cleaning somehow always seems to take longer than the time you set aside for it. If you block off the afternoon, it takes all day. And if you leave your whole Saturday open, it somehow manages to swallow your Sunday as well.

So if Spring Cleaning is such a chore, why do we do it? Well, because it feels great when you’re finished. There’s no feeling quite like looking around at a spotless house or apartment, knowing that clutter isn’t ready to overflow from the first drawer or closet you open.

Of course, in seemingly minutes after you finish, the cycle begins again, dirt and clutter building until the next big Spring Cleaning. But here at Safeguard, we like that satisfied feeling that comes from having a clean house too much to only experience it once a year. So this year we’re issuing ourselves a challenge: Keep a weekly cleaning schedule, and stick to it. Quickly wiping off surfaces a few times a week saves us from having to scrub them for hours a few times a year. And cleaning out clutter weekly turns a yearly pilgrimage to the dump into a weekly walk to the curb. Our goal is to Keep the Cleaning Going all year long, and we urge you to join our challenge!

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